Kelp Meal

As a natural and highly efficient feed additive, Kelp Meal contains a large amount of valuable amino acids, trace elements, minerals, alginates and vitamins, which few terrestrial plants can compete with. It often compensates animals the trace elements and standard mineral mixes that are often lacking in land-grown feeds. The product can be used as a substitute for expensive mineral elements and vitamin additives which can reduce production costs significantly.

The embedded minerals and most microelements in Kelp Meal exist in an organic status. They are not easily oxidized and thus quickens the rate of absorption by animals. Kelp Meal contains a certain amount of polysaccharide, protein and coarse fibre. The product has free fluidity and an absorbent surface area and is abundant in polyphenols with antioxidant mold proof effect, making it an ideal carrier of vitamins and mineral.

The final product is available in fine powder form and can be easily added to premix or used as a top dressing.

Being cost effective, the product provides a low cost advantage, stable quality and supply that can significantly improve production efficiency, which makes it ideal for use in all types of feeds.